Rebecca Malope to host own show on Touch HD

Rebecca Malope joins Touch HD

Multi-award-winning South African gospel singer DR Rebecca Malope is set to host her own talk show at online radio station Touch HD.

As part of its new line up, the station announced that the new slot will include The Healing Zone, a new talk show hosted by the African Queen of Gospel Rebecca Malope on Thursdays from 12.30pm to 2pm.

“I am not a prophet but I am a host and a mother and this show will help people deal with issues they were not able to address. This will be a platform for people to talk about their experiences with abuse, drugs, money – it will allow prisoners to share why they found themselves where they are today. We want families to address matters,” Rebecca said.

Malope also says the show will play predominantly South African gospel music, there will be psychologists to help with issues and there will be a pastor at the end of the show to close off proceedings.

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