SA Hip Hop Female Act, Ms Supa

Ms Supa

Ms Supa is a musician hailing from Benoni East of Johannesburg. She got started in 1996 being only in 7th grade.

She loved Hip Hop and only started writing after she heard Foxy Brown, whom at the time was the first female rapper she heard. She is quoted as saying “I was sitting in my father’s car listening to Radio Zulu at the time. They had their weekend Top 20. They played ‘Get you home’ by Foxy Brown. I sat there in the car and thought ‘Oh, so girls can do it too’”. That inspired her to go home and write a verse.

She continued through high school organising the coined “1st break cyphers” with fellow students. She then mastered her flow and ability to play with words. While other children would be doing sports she was in the choir and also attended ciphers (rap sessions) at the Benoni library. Attending the random open mic sessions at a club called “Planet Katsies” in Benoni. While doing that she also started writing RNB and Jazz music. Developing a singing and writing style that has been compared to Jill Scott.

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