Thabo Tbose Mokwele: Why I posted my wife’s nude photo

Khaya FM DJ Thabo ‘Tbose’ Mokwele, came under severe criticism on social media after he posted a nude picture of his wife, Mapaseka Mokwele, on Instagram.

People on Twitter then went on to report fake news saying the nude picture of that woman was not his wife but rather his side chick.

However, the rumours were promptly put to bed when Tbose emphasised that he had in fact tagged his wife Mapaseka.

Tbose has come out to explain in public why he posted that revealing picture of his wife.

He said in an Interview on SABC 3’s Trending SA that the reason why he posted the picture was because he did not want to see a good picture go to waste and he did it to celebrate his wife who was right next to him when he posted it.

“For starters, this beautiful wife of mine gave me three gorgeous kids and raised my other two kids so now, she is a hot woman, and now, one of the evenings, she’s sleeping, and I’m ‘like look at this sexy thing here.’ So I take the picture” Tbose explained.

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