True Love releases unedited snaps of Lerato Kganyago following photoshop backlash

Hot-on-the-heels of a social media frenzy over Lerato Kganyago’s True Love magazine cover, the publication has hit back with a series of unedited photos.

The cover, which was released on Monday morning, sparked widespread debate on social media, with fans lambasting the publication for its extensive use of Photoshop.

Lerato Kganyago unedited photos

Hundreds of fans took to Twitter to express how Lerato looks incredibly different on the cover and that it does her beauty injustice. Lerato herself seemed disheartened by the ‘over-editing’ of her pictures, but downplayed the situation. Shortly after Lerato shot up the Twitter trends list, the magazine issued a statement on its website stating that it would never deliberately tarnish a cover star’s image.

“There’s a public misconception about retouching as recently pointed out by TRUE LOVE June cover star Lerato Kganyago. The tool, however, is used to enhance, colour correct and highlight the best features,” read part of the statement.

Lerato Kganyago before and after

To prove its point (apparently) the magazine published a string of before and after pictures of Lerato. However, the move has seen the magazine come under fire even more, with people on Twitter calling the release of the pictures “spiteful” and “unnecessary.”

The pictures have since gone viral, with many standing by Lerato.


The issue of magazines using photoshop to change the way their cover model looks has once again become a trending topic on social media. Local magazine True Love has come under fire over their latest issue featuring TV and radio personality Lerato Kganyago. Social media users have slammed the extensive use of Photoshop‚ saying the she looks very different.

Fans have been inundating social media with their opinions on the cover‚ with some saying it does an injustice to the presenter. Kganyago herself expressed disappointment over the retouching of her photograph‚ but downplayed the situation.

“Nick Boulton is one of the most amazing photographers in the country. He captured me beautifully‚ it must be disheartening even for him to have his work continuously retouched (PhotoShopped) to a point of no recognition. I had an amazing shoot though and the article beautifully captured @philatyekana” Great article‚ had a lot to share‚ and that’s all that matters! Get your copy now!!! ‚” she said on Instagram.

Through a statement posted on the magazine’s website TRUE LOVE editor‚ Dudu Mvimbi Leshabane says: “As a brand that stands for women empowerment‚ TRUE LOVE would never intentionally do anything to compromise women and their public profile. We have a responsibility not to tarnish our cover star’s image‚ to produce authentic content for our readers and to uphold the brand’s integrity.”

Other celebrities who been ‘Photoshopped’ on covers:

– Kerry Washington: The actress recently took to Instagram to express her disappointment at an image of her of the cover of Adweek magazine. “I just felt weary. It felt strange to look at a picture of myself that is so different from what I look like when I look in the mirror. It’s an unfortunate feeling,” she said.

– Adele: Fans were angered by the 2012 February cover of Vogue magazine which made the singer appear thinner that she was. The complained that the image did not accurately depict the true, curvy Adele.

– Lebo Mashile: True Love magazine had to offer an apology to the poet after editing her photo for their November 2009 cover.

“True Love would like to unreservedly apologise to our resident columnist one of Mansi’s leading literary lights, Lebogang Mashile, for the manner in which we handled her cover image for our November 2009 edition. The cover image was retouched and made Lebo look slimmer than she actually is – something which she immediately brought to our attention…”

Source: Sundayworld

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