TV highlights for Rhino Blog for the week September 11 to 16

Rhino Blog : The world’s rhinos are in trouble and award-winning wildlife television presenter Bonné de Bod is on a quest to find out why and more importantly, what’s being done.

RHINO BLOG: Rhino breeder John Hume
Monday, September 11, at 10.53 with repeats every two hours
People’s Weather (DStv Channel 180)
Rhinos breed fairly well in captivity and even better if they are farmed with good food, antibiotics and general farming management practices. Presenter Bonné de Bod spends this episode with controversial rhino breeder John Hume who owns the most rhino in the world. For the first time, Bonné looks at the issue of legal trade in rhino horn and why John thinks it will save the rhinos of Africa.

RHINO BLOG: Zama, Rhino Monitor
Sunday, September 17 at 10.53 with repeats every two hours
People’s Weather (DStv Channel 180)
Zama Ncube has a dream job!  He monitors rhinos for a living.  Zama works for researchers in a wilderness reserve in an undisclosed part of South Africa (the reserve remains “undisclosed” for security reasons due to the rhino poaching crisis).  One would think it would be easy to keep tabs on large beasts like rhinos, but they are not as slow-moving as one would think!  Zama has a motorbike to help him keep tabs as well as a handset receiver to pick signals from their collars.  His job is to not disturb but to keep a distance and monitor them.  Zama shows Bonné a day in his life and takes her deep into the scrub to see the wild rhinos he monitors.

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