Unathi apologises for Twitter comments

The Idols judge and radio host realises that she shouldn’t have used offensive language.

Unathi Msengana has apologised for the comments she made on Twitter.

This week, Unathi angered some people after making comments about racism at Stellenbosch Unversity on her Metro FM radio show. She also ended up trending after the hashtag #UnathiBeLike went viral. One tweet didn’t impress Unathi and she ended up swearing at the user responsible for it, calling her a “psycho b**ch” .

The Metro FM DJ, who has since been suspended, issued a statement on Thursday.

The statement reads as follows:

Two days ago, on radio, I expressed an opinion on the language policy at Stellenbosch University. Thereafter my opinion became the subject of a Twitter debate. Unfortunately some of the subsequent commentary criticised me in ways that I felt badly violated my personal life and my personal beliefs.

To be cast as an advocate for rape, gender inequality and homophobia when I am passionate about ending these social ills, was extremely shocking. As a result, in what I have come to realise was a bad attempt to defend myself, I reacted by engaging directly with a Twitter follower. However, as upset as I was at that time, I should not have used offensive language. I therefore wish to publicly apologise for my choice in language. Going forward, whilst l refuse to be bullied on Twitter about my opinions, I will exercise better judgment when using this platform. I thank those who have supported me.

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