Vusi Nova had been watched by his attackers for over a year

On Friday morning, Vusi Nova was hijacked and kidnapped. After an hour of being reported missing, and social media in an absolute panic over his abduction, Nova was eventually found and sent to the Brixton police station.

Since the incident, there have been dribs and drabs of what exactly had occurred during the hijacking.

Vusi Nova eventually spoke to eNCA and opened up about the shocking ordeal. In the video, Vusi Nova is seen in hospital with an eye-patch placed on his right eye.

During the interview, the artist shared how his face was buried in-between the legs of one of his hijackers for hours on end with a gun pointed on the back of his head.

“I just remember this guy using really foul language and basically telling me to get out the car and when I turned to look, ’cause my window was opened, the gun was right on my face. They pulled me out and pushed me back into the backseat where I noticed another guy was sitting there with the gun as well.”

Vusi Nova’s band member, Sihle was also in the car with him. The award-winning artist mentioned that he was also terrified for Sihle as the hijackers had demanded him to strip naked.

“As they were driving, they asked him to take off his clothes, including his underwear and then they left him somewhere. And they were asking me ‘Yeah we heard you had a gun’ and I told them I don’t have a gun.”

Vusi mentioned that the hijackers had told him they had been following him for over a year and knew that he had a gun.

“They were just telling me how they were going to kill me and how they were just going to take me to the bush and cut off my private parts. It was just horrific.” – Said Vusi

Vusi was also ordered to take off his clothes and dropped off at a random location before the hijackers drove off with the car.

Source: Zalebs

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