Zodwa Wabantu

Zodwa Wabantu now banned in three countries

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In her own country, South African socialite and party starter, Zodwa Wabantu has the adoration of multitudes. On social media, her videos routinely trend and despite her dislike for undergarments, Zodwa Wabantu is welcome everywhere. Except not everywhere.
Did you know that Zodwa Wabantu, real name Zodwa Rebecca Libra, is now banned in at least three African countries?

Zodwa Wabantu not allowed here

After being finalising travel plans Malawi, where she intended to support Vukani at the Winter Amapiano Vibes on 10th June 2022, to be held in the capital city, Blantyre, the host country’s ministry of tourism and culture refused to issue clearance for the raunchy dancer who, outside Mzansi, is always described by the media as “controversial.” What is most bizarre is that the dancer had given assurances that she would not be performing.


The Malawi tourism ministry described Zodwa as having “built her career around morally degrading stage acts” which, in simple terms, means the dancer is no Sunday school teacher.

Not only was Zodwa Wabantu denied clearance but the tourism ministry even went as far as instructing the Ministry of Homeland Security to enforce the relevant immigration laws so that Zodwa Wabantu’s planned tour performance to the country is prohibited. Anywhere else in the world, the phrase “homeland security” conjures images of threats to national security, enemies in bomb vests and anthrax released into water reservoirs.

Zodwa Wabantu is not the first artist to be banned on the African continent. The government of former president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, barred South Africa’s Freshly Ground from performing in Harare on account of the group’s lyrics and video Chicken To Change which parodied the late strongman.

In Kenya, the lesbian romance film Rafiki was banned by authorities. Malawi’s government has banned several books and films, especially during the reign  of President Kamuzu Banda. Northern neighbour Tanzania has banned the dissemination of the twerksome video for the song Chura by provocative musician/dancer Snura. The clampdown by the state is so severe that one will struggle to find the video on YouTube.


Zodwa Wabantu banned in 3 countries

In South Africa, night club owners and event promoters often call on the services of 36 year old Zodwa Wabantu to whip up the crowds at parties and shows. The dancer who is known to dislike underwear is often groped on stage by fans.

While at home she receives so much attention, if not too much of it, in three southern African countries, Zodwa has been denied permission to perform. Before her Malawi ban, Zodwa Wabantu was barred in Zimbabwe and Zambia. While fans of the curvy dancer in those countries may regret not seeing her perform live, she will take comfort in the knowledge that a government ban is the surest way to boost an artist’s fame.

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