Hlomla Dandala leaves Scandal!

Actor Hlomla Dandala accuses his wife of cheating on Instagram

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South African presenter and actor Hlomla Dandala, has revealed shocking information on social media. Dandala accused his wife of cheating on Instagram.

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Hlomla Dandala, who is best known for playing Kingsley Siseko Langa on Scandal! shocked social media after he shared photos of the man who is allegedly having an affair with his wife.

Taking to Instagram, Hlomla Dandala the man gets intimate with his wife in his wife while his children are sleeping.

“When a man enters your house, gets intimate with your wife while your children are IN THE HOUSE knowing full well that you are the husband, and then publicised their pictures on social media for the world to see, What is meant to happen? Any thoughts @ chiskop? (sic).” – He captioned the photo which was later deleted but we have screenshots

“When a man comes into your home and shares your bed with your wife, what happens? Any thoughts @Chiskop? Oh and you cant delete this one (sic),” – another captioned reads.


Image Courtesy: fameafrica.tv

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