Air France Introduces New Gourmet Delights in Business and Premium Economy Cabins On Flights To South Africa

From April 2024, Air France will be unveiling new in-flight menus, created by distinguished new names in the world of cuisine. As an ambassador for French fine dining, the company continues to showcase French haute cuisine around the world.

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On departure from Paris, the triple Michelin-starred French chef Arnaud Lallement will be creating exceptional new dishes in the Business cabin, alongside renowned pastry chef Nina Métayer. In the Premium Economy cabin, the single Michelin-starred chef Frédéric Simonin continues to delight the airline’s customers with his delicious new recipes.

A. Lallement Business Dish 7 ©Air France
A. Lallement Business Dish 7 ©Air France

To create these menus, the chefs work together with Servair, the world leader in in-flight catering, using fresh, local produce that change with the seasons. As part of the airline’s commitment to more responsible catering, the meat, poultry, milk products and eggs on each menu are of French origin, and the fish sourced from sustainable fisheries on departure from Paris. Vegetarian menus are also systematically available in the different cabins on all the airline’s flights.

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Arnaud Lallement and Nina Métayer in the Business cabin on departure from Paris

In the long-haul Business cabin, the triple Michelin-starred French chef Arnaud Lallement is creating new culinary delights for Air France customers. The chef proposes a contemporary and gourmet cuisine infused with emotion, with a selection of nine new gourmet creations. Dishes including polenta on stir-fried vegetables, creamy eggplant and red pepper coulis, crab and shrimp ravioli, Brittany curry sauce, and stir-fried spinach will delight passengers.

“For Air France, I wanted to remember the seasons, to let my unconscious speak, as if in hypnosis. Sharing with travellers a gourmet pleasure marked by emotion and indulgence”, explained Arnaud Lallement.

In the Business cabin, since 2023, Air France has also been entrusting its dessert menu to a signature pastry chef. Crowned World Pastry Chef 2023, chef Nina Métayer will be signing three new sweet treats for the company’s customers. The chef’s caramel, hazelnut and velvety dark chocolate slice, coconut lime mango slice, and the “Individuel” gourmet chocolate delight are the irresistible delicacies that customers can enjoy during their trip.

“I created these desserts as real travel companions. My gourmet yet light pastries are designed to offer travellers a feast for the senses while evoking the charm of faraway destinations”, said Nina Métayer.

N. Métayer Business Pastries 2 ©Air France
N. Métayer Business Pastries 2 ©Air France

Frédéric Simonin in the Premium Economy cabin on departure from Paris

In the Premium Economy cabin, the one-starred chef Frédéric Simonin continues to delight Air France customers as part of an on-going partnership initiated with the company in November 2023. A perfectionist at heart, he has created a new series of dishes prepared with the greatest respect for the products chosen. The chef’s delicious new menus including mini scallops, citrus sauce with tapioca pearls and asparagus pasta, or peas with savory, spinach and glazed pearl onions are now available on board.

“For Air France customers, I have carefully chosen each product from our French regions that I can transform with delicacy and precision, for a special culinary experience”, says Frédéric Simonin.

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