AKA on DJ Euphonik and DJ Zinhle’s relationship

Rapper AKA sounds suspicious of the Euphonik’s friendship with his baby mama DJ Zinhle. In a series of tweets, the rapper revealed that DJ Euphonik is using Zinhle and she doesn’t see it.

The rapper has since deleted his tweets but thanks to OK Mzansi for taking screenshots.

“So petty, can’t even see Euphonik is using her, -” AKA tweeted.

AKA rant twitter

Hold up! don’t get confused, the second Twitter account is a parody. The parody account suggested both Zinhle and Euphonik have not yet moved on and need to. “she should move on along with that bald chubby fool,” – the tweet reads.

AKA rapper rant

Image Courtesy: OK Mzansi

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