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Best options when serving meals in style at your reception

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According to head culinary artist from Granny Mouse Country House & Spa, Theo Mannie, when planning your wedding reception meals, there are four main options to choose from when thinking about the layout of one’s wedding reception.

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As hospitality professionals we look at making the best decisions for the wedding party based on the number of guests and duration of the reception. One of the biggest discussions couples have around wedding planning is what will be served for the wedding reception. It’s one of those family discussions, where everyone feels very strongly about. The wedding reception makes up between 48–52 percent of the average wedding budget. A lot of which will depend on your preference of food, liquor, and type of dinner service you decide upon.

  1. Seated dinner – If you are a serious foodie, then a plated dinner service is probably the best fit, and there are so many gastronomic food ideas to create that leisurely multi-course dinner. Obviously though, a plated option does take a little longer to serve up, but it’s worth it.
  2. Buffet – ever popular, and this provides your guests with a variety of options to choose from. A buffet is convenient as one is able to include vegetarian options and no one leaves hungry. This is especially good for a big wedding party. (Sadly, due to current COVID protocols, this isn’t an option at the moment.)
  3. Family Style – This is a great summer wedding option. This layout allows for large platters of food to be placed at the centre of each table where guests can then serve themselves while seated.
  4. Cocktail type reception – this option is when various food and drink stations are placed strategically at the reception or outside the chapel, where guests can then help themselves with little bites after the wedding ceremony. Alternatively, snacks can be passed around butler-style by waiters, which could include mini bowls of tasty meals for a more substantial snack item.

At Granny Mouse Country House & Spa, they thrive on ensuring they serve you delicious, quality food as well as sharing some dining options, and come up with out-of-the-box ideas. They can also create bespoke menus for any event whether it is a wedding or special occasion, and they work according to your budget.

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