Best Ways to Protect Yourself from Sexual Assaults During an Uber Ride

Sexual assault in rideshare services is more common than we’d like to believe. This isn’t meant to instill fear in you, but rather to empower you. When you know the risks, you can take preventive measures to reduce your vulnerability. In this article, we’ll be providing practical tips on how you can stay safe while using rideshare services.

We’ll explore what you can do before you even request a ride, how to maximize your safety during the trip, and some additional strategies that can reduce your risks of becoming a sexual assault victim in an Uber ride.

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What to Do Before the Ride

Here are a few things to do before requesting a ride to maximize your chances of safety:

Share your trip details

Let at least one person know about your booked trip. It could be a friend, family member, or anyone else that you can reach in the event of any unfortunate situation.

You could share details like the estimated arrival time, the driver’s information (name, car model/make, and license plate number), and your destination. With all of this information, they can track your progress and easily assist you if the need arises.

Avoid dark pick-up and drop-off spots

Make it a habit to only get into and alight from an Uber in a crowded location that offers good visibility. If you’re returning home, you could arrange for a friend to meet you at the designated drop-off point, especially if it’s a secluded location.

Review the driver’s rating

Most ridesharing apps allow you to see a driver’s rating and reviews from previous passengers. This is not a full guarantee of your safety, but it can give you a glimpse of what the driver is like with their passengers.

You should prioritize drivers whose ratings are consistently high and who have a lot of positive feedback from previous passengers.

How to Stay Safe During the Ride

Once you’re in the vehicle, here’s how to maximize your safety during the ride:

Ride in the back

This isn’t the right vehicle to be a passenger princess. For safety reasons, opt to sit in the back instead of the front. The back seat offers a more strategic position, allowing for a quicker exit if the situation demands it.

Keep your phone charged

Make sure your phone has enough battery life to last the duration of the ride. You might need it to contact a friend, call for help, or use the ridesharing app’s safety features.

Be aware of your surroundings

Don’t allow yourself to get drowned in your phone. You must be aware of your surroundings and the driver’s behavior. Briefly glance at the route on your app to confirm they’re following the designated path.

Have the emergency button handy

Familiarize yourself with the emergency button feature in your ridesharing app. This button typically connects you directly to 911 or the local emergency services. In a critical situation, this could be a life-saving resource.

Be direct and assertive

If the driver makes inappropriate comments or engages in behavior that makes you feel uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to speak up in a firm and assertive tone.

Tell them to stop the behavior and pull over in a safe location if necessary. You are the passenger, and you have the right to feel safe and respected during the ride.

Uber Safety Tips
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Extra Safety Tips

Aside from the above-mentioned tips, you can use the following as a means of reducing the possibility of becoming a sexual assault victim in an Uber.

  • Carry a personal safety device on these tips (e.g., pepper spray or tasers)
  • Don’t go on a rideshare while intoxicated
  • Take self-defense classes

Trust your gut

Intuition is a powerful tool. If something about the driver or the situation feels off, don’t ignore that feeling. You have the absolute right to cancel the ride and request a new one. There’s no shame in prioritizing your safety above convenience.

Wrapping Up

It’s sad that you have to employ all your senses of security just to get a ride home. Your safety is of utmost priority, so you must do all you can to ensure it.

However, if things still go south despite you sticking with these safety tips, you should contact an attorney as soon as you can. They will help you bring the culprit under the strong arm of the law.

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