Boity’s tips on how to handle your social media account

The TV personality Boity reveals how her online activity has made her one of the most bankable celebrities in the land.

According to Zalebs, if you’re an avid follower of Boity’s social media accounts you’ll realise that she’s done a complete 360 turn on how she presents herself on social media. That is not only coupled with growth but also a great team that understands her vision.

Now we know some of you absolutely adore Boity and really aspire to be half the media personality she is. Thankfully, for people like Boity, she is not a knowledge hoarder and has decided to share her five rules when it comes to social media engagement. Especially when you’re trying to put your name out there to the masses.

1. Be honest and authentic – “In the case of the clothing endorsements, I wear the products almost each and every day, whether I am taking pictures or not. That is what girls like – they will say, ‘We saw her in the mall and she was wearing the clothes. We trust her.’ The products I associate with are ones which I use in my everyday life, even when I am not a celebrity in my home, just being normal Boitumelo,” she explains.

2. Be consistent – “You have to be clear about what your page is about, and who you are. If a brand is thinking of endorsing you, they need to be able to immediately pick up what you are about. You can post about your passions, but it could be confusing if you are positioning yourself as a soccer player when you have pics of motor racing on your timeline.”

3.  Avoid posting on your personal life. “Protect yourself as much as you can by limiting the amount of personal stuff that you post. In the world we live in, what we post can be used against you.”

4.  Avoid posting on social media when you have taken alcohol. “Just put your phone away – chances are, you will regret it afterwards.”

5.   Push kindness – “This is something very important for me. I don’t think people are doing enough of that. And don’t engage in fights, twars and negativity on your page. Yes, you can speak your opinions, but you don’t need to engage into negativity just to prove a point.”

Boity currently has 1.6million followers on Instagram followers on her account, so we’re quite sure that her five points are quite valid.

Earlier this year, Boity was named the new presenter of the Nedbank Ke Yona Team Search which airs on Sundays on SABC at 17h30, allowing her to expand her repertoire to the sports industry, more closely aligning her on-screen persona with her fitness driven social media one.

Her involvement with the bank also went beyond presenting duties, with Boity joining Nedbank’s innovative Passion Playoffs and Ke Yona Ring of Steel campaigns as personal branding and social media expert thus offering her advice on important points when it comes to social media branding.

Source: Zalebs

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