Brenda Fassie movie to hit cinemas in 2018

A movie on the life of a music legend Brenda Fassie is in production and is expected to hit the cinemas later in the year. Brenda died popularly known as MaBrrr, died in 2004.

Brenda’s son Bongani Fassie spoke to CapeTalk/702’s Mandy Wiener about the production and the cast of this upcoming Brenda fassie movie.

He says auditions will soon be held for the lead role of his mother Brenda Fassie. However, Twitter seems to have chosen Brenda Ngxoli to play Brenda Fassie.

“In my entire life I have never had a chance to tell the story through the son’s eye,”— Bongani Fassie told the station.

He further added “as the executive producer I have been given an opportunity to tell the story as I know it and as I lived it.”

The film chronicles her journey towards becoming one of the country’s most iconic entertainers. The biopic would be written and directed by Edward Shaw with a script based on a story by Bongani will be released in the year.

Bongani, son to music legend Brenda Fassie says the entire cast will be strictly South African and will be filmed in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Source: CapeTalk

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