South Africa provides a positive experience for sellers and buyers alike

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Online platforms facilitating the buying and selling of new and used vehicles have become commonplace as dealers tussle for a bigger piece of the customer pie. In this highly competitive environment has set itself apart by always prioritising the buyer’s needs and in so doing has provided appropriate tools that enable dealers to optimally showcase their listings, whilst obtaining the best possible results for their participation on the recently updated new look platform. The redesign, released on 1 Oct’18, takes into consideration the latest global trends further enhancing the buyer experience.

ALSO READ: New & used cars for sale in South Africa is an online advertising platform for new, used and demo vehicles that has, over 18 years, built up a considerable amount of market intelligence and has a thorough understanding of consumer behaviour within this digital or online space.

As such these unique tools also provide dealerships with a deeper understanding of what is happening with their listings on the site.

The first of these tools is a Unique Telephone Number per Listing. If managed appropriately, it provides dealers with insights to their individual listings and the buyer’s response to those listings. A key component here is that this allows the buyer to connect instantaneously to the seller of the vehicle they have searched while they are online and actively engaged with their vehicle search.

The Price Check Tool allows dealers to see how their stock is priced relative to other similar stock on the website. This enables them to ensure that their stock is competitively priced when buyers do comparative shopping.

Another unique tool available to dealers is bespoke Lead Grading, which offers insight into how many leads a potential buyer has submitted. The logic here is that a buyer submitting only one lead on a specific vehicle has a higher propensity to have seen something he or she likes about that specific listing. As such their interest/intent is obviously higher than if multiple leads on numerous different vehicles have been submitted.

In addition, supports participating dealers on the ground with training and technical support. A national Customer Care Team is always on hand to assist dealers with the optimisation of their vehicle listings. is not all about dealers though. As mentioned it is very buyer-focused, allowing potential buyers to search for vehicles in a user-friendly, uncluttered and efficient environment.

As with dealers, also provides some unique features and tools for buyers. These include a 360 Degree Interior View of a listing, which provides a more detailed visual representation of a vehicle. In addition, a free Product Brochure containing all the relevant information on any specific vehicle is also available to be downloaded, printed or saved in PDF format.

The Product Brochure has proven to be immensely successful and popular with buyers and over 40 000 downloads are done on a monthly basis. believes that with these various tools and features in place, it is able to provide buyers with the information required to make informed decisions before submitting leads. The final objective is for to then deliver high-quality leads to participating dealers and for those leads to ultimately convert to sales.

On the platform all listings are afforded equal representation and are displayed as defined by the buyers’ filtered searches, thus providing an equal opportunity for all dealer listings to be represented on their individual respective merits. There is no prioritising or preferential ranking of listings based on packages or boosting. Instead search results are freely determined as per the buyers’ search requirements and every effort is made to provide buyers with what they are specifically searching for.

Over and above the two primary functions discussed, there is also a third component to the platform. It provides focused advertising opportunities for auto promotions in the form of banner advertising packages. Additionally, in order to optimise and provide additional reach for advertisers making use of banner advertising on the website, advertisements are boosted on the various social media platforms linked to

The website also has an Allied Offerings page where vehicle-related offerings can be listed. Much like banner advertising, it provides buyers the opportunity to connect with service providers to obtain quotes for vehicle insurance or tracking, as well as obtain further relevant facts around vehicles. The idea is to provide added value to buyers and to enhance their overall vehicle buying experience.

Since doesn’t only feature passenger vehicles, but also includes trucks, motorcycles, caravans, boats and commercial and leisure trailers (all with their own unique and relevant search filters) it is the ideal platform for buyers to find exactly what they are looking for. And as a result it is also a proven and efficient platform for dealers wanting to boost their sales figures.

Visit for additional information on listing on the website or for advertising opportunities.

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