eKasi+ to debut Isiko

In 2016, eKasi+ will bring its viewers, Isiko, a show that documents the colorful mix of South Africa’s rich and diverse cultures. Isiko will premiere on Sunday, 10 January 2016 at 7:30PM on eKasi + channel 105 on OpenView HD.

The show will be presented by the level-headed actress, Simphiwe Ngema.

Each episode will explore and enlighten the viewers about how the aesthetics of South African cultures. It takes an insightful look at the past, present and future of the various cultures. Viewers will enjoy seeing how the different cultural practices such as chieftainship, polygamy, traditional music and initiation rituals have evolved over the years.

Simphiwe travels the country to meet with traditional leaders and community members of the Va-Tsonga, Zulu, Xhosa, Ndebele, Swati, Vha-Venda, Basotho, Batswana, Bapedi, Jewish, Indians and Afrikaans groups. The 13 episode docu-series which features 13 different cultures, is a fitting celebration of the innovative, rich South African spirit. All the vibrant and expressive dance and music moves such as xibelani, makwaya, dinaka, indlamu, volkspele and umteyo will be explored.

“South Africa is known as the hub of diverse and indigenous cultures and the beauty of Isiko is that it will capture all the different elements that make us unique to the rest of the world. We are proud to be showcasing local content that will take our viewers on a cultural journey. “said Monde Twala, Managing Director for e.tv Channels Division.

Isiko is produced by King Chauke who is the founder of Kincha Media. King Chauke is an entrepreneur, content developer and producer. He has worked on various cultural festivity projects including Annual Hangar, Traditional Music Arts Festival, Collins Chabane Heritage Festival and also produced a radio drama show called Mina Hi Mina for the past 10 years on Munghana Lonene FM.

Isiko will premiere on eKasi+ channel 105 on OpenView HD on Sunday, 10th January at 7:30PM

About Simphiwe Ngema
Simphiwe Ngema was born in Klipspruit, Soweto. This Boston Journalism graduate has been in various productions name The game and Muvhango. In that stage production, The Game, she played Pretty Khumalo, a prostitute who is in jail for the murder of her dad and she played the role of Thuli Nkosi on Muvhango. She co-owns a company named S.W.R with her sister Baxolile Ngema.