Former Jika Majika presenter Mpendulo Buthelezi sells shoes

Former Jika Majika presenter Mpendulo Buthelezi has turned his back on the entertainment industry. The 34-year-old now sells shoes at the Newtown Junction in Joburg.

Jika Majika was a dance show where people would show off their skills, until one was crowned the winner. The talented presenter used to co-host with Thembi Seete. Mpendulo told few publications that he’s been selling shoes on the streets for several years now alongside six friends.

He started his shoe business with a friend in 2006 was able to sustain him when the Jika Majika cheques stopped coming.

According to IOL, Buthelezi had to leave the entertainment industry because he couldn’t get gigs. After he was replaced with kwaito star Mzambiya, Mpendulo looked for other gigs, but he was unsuccessful. He went for audition after audition, but all he got was rejection.

Former Jika Majika presenter Mpendulo Buthelezi sells shoes

Following a seven-year run in the show, Buthelezi’s contract was not renewed.

“It has not been easy. Before I found premises, I would sell shoes outside the Newtown Mall. Sometimes it would rain or I would stand in the sun for hours, but I prayed to God for a shop and he finally heard me,” – Buthelezi said.


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