Here Are The Sassa Grant Increases For 2023

The Sassa grant increases for 2023 have been announced. Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana has announced that all permanent social grants will increase by at least 5% in the next financial year. The Finance Mister announced the Sassa social grants increases for 2023 during his 2023 National Budget Speech on Wednesday, 22 February.

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Here Are The Sassa Grant Increases For 2023

The increases to social grants are as follows:

  • The old age grant will increase from R1985 to R2085
  • The old age grants for those over the age of 75 will increase to R2105
  • Grants for war veterans increase to some R2105 from R2005
  • Disability grants will increase to R2085
  • The Foster care grant increases by 5.1% to R1125
  • Care dependency grants rise to R2085 from R1985
  • Child support grants will increase by 5.2% to R505
  • Grant-in-aid rises to R505 – up by 5.2%

National Treasury budget documents said although the SRD grant will continue, government is considering options to provide alternative social protection to those receiving it.

“R66 billion is allocated to Social Development over the medium term, with R36 billion to fund the extension of the COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress [SRD] grant until 31 March 2024. R30 billion will be used for inflation-linked increases for other social grants,” – Godongwana said.

When will Sassa grants increase in 2023?

Social grants will increase from 1 April 2023.

Will child support grant increase in 2023?

The child support grant rises from R480 to R510 on 1 October 2023, while the foster care grant increases from R1070 to R1130 over the same period.

Will old age and disability grants increase in 2023?

The old age and disability grants increase by R90 on 1 April 2023 and a further R10 on 1 October 2023. The result is a total increase to R2090.

Sassa grants increase FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers related to SASSA grant increases:

When will SASSA grant increases take effect?

SASSA grant increases are typically announced and implemented on an annual basis. The exact date may vary each year, Sassa grants increase for 2023 will take effect from 1 April 2023.

How much do SASSA grants increase each year?

The amount of the increase can vary from year to year, and is typically determined by factors such as inflation, economic conditions, and government policy. The specific amount of the increase will be announced by the government when it is implemented.

Which SASSA grants are eligible for increases?

Most SASSA grants are eligible for increases, including the old age pension, disability grant, child support grant, foster child grant, and care dependency grant.

The old age grant increased by R100 to R2 090 and the disability grant increased by R105 to the same amount.

Foster care and child support grants increased by R60 and R20 respectively, to R1 130 and R510.

How will I know if my SASSA grant amount has increased?

If your SASSA grant amount has increased, you should receive a notification from SASSA or the government. You can also check your bank account or post office account statement to see if the increased amount has been deposited.

Can I appeal if I am not happy with the amount of my SASSA grant increase?

Yes, you can appeal if you are not satisfied with the amount of your SASSA grant increase. You can contact SASSA directly to find out about the appeals process.

Can the SASSA grant increase be backdated?

Yes, it is possible for the SASSA grant increase to be backdated. However, this is typically only done in certain circumstances, such as if there was a delay in implementing the increase or if there was an error in calculating the amount.

I hope these FAQs provide you with some helpful information about SASSA grant increases. Please keep in mind that the information provided is general and may not apply to your specific situation. If you have any further questions or concerns, it is recommended that you contact SASSA directly or seek advice from a qualified professional.

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