Statistics prove that routine stands in the way of a more rewarding life

World record-breaking skateboarder Jean Marc, comedian Jason Goliath, and hip hop superstar Kwesta, have announced they are taking part in The Heart Effect on the 24 October in Johannesburg. The Heart Effect is a real-world experiment that aims to prove to South Africans that when you live with heart, you set in motion a more rewarding life.

“Many people claim they are afraid of change, but actually, there’s a much deeper reason for it – our unconscious bias. People have an unconscious bias that if they’ve been doing the same thing a lot, it is good. And the longer they’ve been doing it, the better it is. This isn’t always the case, with the problem being that we miss out on all the rewards that change could bring us,” says Monique Olsen, who after studying Psychology at UCT in Cape Town now uses behaviour therapy to change the social skills of individuals.

The experiment is part of a campaign driven by Red Heart Rum and their crew to prove that if South Africans choose to shake off this behavior – so, ignore their daily routines and choose not to walk with their heads down, staring at their phones, but rather seek out ways to live with heart at every turn, they will have a life full of rewards.

The three South African celebrities were chosen because they each embody what it means to live with heart. Each in their own right have attributed their success to being open to seeing new opportunities and then making the brave, bold decisions to take them. The trio are now wanting to rally fellow South African’s to do the same because they whole-heartedly believe in the idea of living with heart!

“The truth is that people have given change a cost – and that cost is far higher than the benefit that could come from it. Success is a not a result of luck, it was hard work and brave decisions. If you’re not challenging yourself, you’re not opening yourself up for new things to happen,”  said Kwesta ahead of the launch of the campaign.

This Red Heart Rum Crew is taking part in the real-world experiment on the 24 October in Johannesburg where they’re determined to prove to South Africans that living with heart sets in motion a more rewarding life and encourage them to take the on the challenge, to experience The Heart Effect for themselves.

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