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Khanyi Mbau monetizing dramatic Dubai break-up?

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Before daylight had shone through the curtains, we woke up to find Khanyi Mbau had already brightened the Twitter feed with yet another scandal. Recently, the songstress-actress made headlines following a very dramatic, if not tragic, breakup with her ex boyfriend, Kudzai Mushonga from across the Limpopo in Zimbabwe.

How to end a relationship the Khanyi Mbau way

Mushonga and Mbau were on a baecation in sandy Dubai. According to Khanyi’s bae, he dropped her off at a hair salon and that was the last he saw of her. Mushonga took to social media site, Instagram, where he expressed concern about her disappearance only to later realise Khanyi Mbau had left him holding nothing but sand and camel dung after she had quietly returned to South Africa.

Mbau who lost her father, Menzi Mcunu, last year (September 2021) then posted an Instagram photo from her father’s grave. The post, which appears to have been deleted, read:

“Dear Dad. It gets real up here. Thank you all for your texts, messages and genuine concern. I am home, safe and okay.”

Mbau then apologised to the nation at large saying, “I am home safe and sound. I am so sorry to have worried and stressed the country, my fans, friends, relatives and family.


“Thank you for all your prayers, support and search parties and all my friends that pulled major strings to locate me. Thank you.”

Khanyi drops salty bars

The Khanyi Mbau break up by ghosting technique divided opinions on Twitter.  But just as the story had almost died down – as most celebrity gossip does – Khanyi Mbau once again stunned the country.

In video recorded while Khanyi was MC at a gig, the singer-actress is spitting bars on what seems like a new song loading which references her dramatic breakup with the young Zimbabwean businessman, Kudzai Mushonga. Dressed in a white mini dress and matching sneakers, Mbau, who turns 36 next month chants:

“Hamba ngathi uyabuya. Phuma ngathi uyabuya…. Shiya indoda eDubai”.

Translated; leave as if you’re coming back, leave your man in Dubai.

Meanwhile, Mushonga who is eight years her junior, continues to post sentimental Instagram updates about Khanyi Mbau as though he hasn’t received the breakup memo.

Opinions on twitter appear to be divided along gender lines with most male commentators criticising Mbau’s behaviour. Furthermore, some allege that if Mbau’s ghosting of her ex had been perpetrated by a man on a woman, the world might not have found it so funny.

Social media influencer, soft porn artist and party promoter, Resego “Sego Pumpkin” Tshabadira, who is known for her ample contours and viral dance videos, has led the expected flurry of Khanyi Mbau imitators with this saucy tweet:

With Khanyi’s catchy lyrics already being plagiarised on social media, it wouldn’t surprise anyone if this became a December girl power anthem as the light dims on what has, for most people, been a hectic year.


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