List Of Tembisa Postal Codes

What Is Tembisa Postal Code? 1632 – This is one of the most common postal codes for Tembisa and covers areas like Ebony Park, Ecaleni Section, and Elidinga Ext 1.

What Is Tembisa Postal Code?

The postal code for Tembisa, a large township in Ekurhuleni, Gauteng, South Africa, is 1632 for street addresses. For P.O. Box addresses, the postal code is 1628.

Why Do People Search For Tembisa Postal Code?

People search for the postal code of Tembisa for several reasons:

  1. Mail and Package Delivery: Accurate postal codes are essential for ensuring that mail and packages are delivered to the correct addresses. Both individuals and businesses need the correct postal code for shipping and receiving goods.
  2. Location Identification: Postal codes help in identifying specific geographic areas within a larger region. This can be useful for services like emergency response, delivery services, and navigation.
  3. Administrative Purposes: Various administrative and bureaucratic processes, such as registering for utilities, enrolling in schools, and applying for governmental services, often require the correct postal code.
  4. Real Estate and Property Services: Buyers, renters, and real estate agents use postal codes to search for properties within specific areas. The postal code helps narrow down the search to a specific locality.
  5. Business Operations: Businesses use postal codes to define service areas, plan delivery routes, and conduct market analysis. This helps in targeting advertisements and understanding the demographic distribution.
  6. Statistical and Research Purposes: Researchers and planners use postal codes to collect and analyze data related to population density, economic activities, and other demographic information.
  7. Online Services and E-commerce: Many online platforms and e-commerce websites require users to enter their postal code to determine the availability of services, calculate shipping costs, and provide localized content.

List Of Tembisa Postal Codes

Here are the postal codes for various areas within Tembisa along with their corresponding townships or suburbs:

  • 1632: Hospital View, Ibaxa, Isiphetweni, Isiziba Ext, Ivory Park Ext 1-7, Kaalfontein, Kanana, Klipfontein, Leboeng, Lekaneng, Maokeng, Mayibuye, Motsu, Oakmore Ext 7, Phomolong, Rabie Ridge, Teanong Ext 5, Tembisa Ext 11-12, Tembisa North, Tembisa South, Tlamatlama, Tsenelong, Tshepo, Umnonjaneni, Umthambeka, Vusimuzi, Winnie Mandela.
  • 1628: Ecaleni, Ethafeni, Kaalfontein, Motsu, Moriting, Mqantsa.
  • 1634: Tembisa North.
  • 1635: Tembisa Ext 2, Phomolong, Oakmore, Sedibeng, Tlamatlama, Tswelopele, Umfuyaneni, Winnie Mandela.
  • 1636: Mayibuye.
  • 1637: Klipfontein.
  • 1638: Winnie Mandela.
  • 1640: Tembisa South, Tembisa-Suid.
  • 1688: Rabie Ridge.
  • 1689: Ivory Park Ext, Isivana.
  • 1691: Vusimuzi.
  • 1693: Goniwe, Lindekuhle.

These codes cover a range of different sections and extensions within Tembisa, which is a large township in Gauteng, South Africa.

Tembisa Postal Codes FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about Tembisa postal codes:

1. Does Tembisa have one postal code?

No, Tembisa has multiple postal codes because it’s a large township. Different areas within Tembisa have different assigned codes.

2. What are some of the known Tembisa postal codes?

Here are some of the known postal codes for Tembisa:

  • 1632
  • 1628
  • 1635
  • 1636
  • 1637
  • 1640
  • 1688
  • 1689
  • 1690
  • 1691

3. How can I find the specific postal code for my address in Tembisa?

There are a couple of ways to find your specific postal code:

  • Postal code lookup service: Search online using a postal code lookup service for South Africa. Enter your street address or suburb name to find the corresponding code.
  • Contact the South African Post Office: You can contact your local South African Post Office branch for assistance in finding your postal code.

4. Are there any resources available online to look up Tembisa postal codes?

Yes, there are several resources available online to look up South African postal codes, including Tembisa. Some options include:

5. What’s the difference between a postal code and a zip code?

South Africa uses a postal code system, while the US and some other countries use zip codes. They both serve the same purpose of helping with mail delivery.

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