Kenyan born fashion designer Liz Ogumbo delighted the SA Fashion Week audience and the fashion fraternity with a colourful inspiring showing of her latest work entitled #Safari

Translated from Swahili into English, ‘Safari’ in this context means ‘A Journey’. This African girl is on a journey, exploring, blossoming, taking her sass, chic, style, and vibrant signature everywhere she goes.

The show took off with an intricately hand-beaded body suit, which immediately drew the fashion audience into a gaze. Followed by high-waisted slim tailored pants, collared-shirts, front-slit hi-lo dresses and skirts, Victorian-inspired bralettes for the day-to-day dames, classic fitted well-tailored cropped jackets and intricate hand-beaded- body Jewelry. Textured diffusion through the fun prints and volumetric form through the stuffed maxi & mini tiered skirts all contribute to the Safari fashion-experience.

“Through this collection, I have designed different pieces that any woman on a ‘Safari’ would be able to pack and wear for a two week holiday without compromising their personality, character, style aesthetic, mood and everything else that determines what style means to them. It’s all about looking good and feeling good as we go through our ‘Safari’ in life” expresses Liz Ogumbo.

Liz Ogumbo will release the Safari music track in April 2016 and plans to continue the Safari experience with a ‘Soiree’ and a short fashion film, plus a Safari experience in New York in September.

Liz Ogumbo is participating at the SA Fashion week trade show open to the public at HYDE PARK shopping mall on 12 & 13 April 2016.

Connect with Liz Ogumbo

Facebook: Liz Ogumbo Fashion Designer
Twitter: @LizOgumbo
Instagram: @LizOgumbo


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