Love disguised as hate

Love disguised as hate [The Queen]

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Back in junior school, did you ever have that one kid who teased you and always gave you nothing but hate hate hate? No matter how much you tried to keep to yourself, the tormentor always picked on you, for no apparent reason. You’re trying to read a book and then the hateful devil slaps it out of your hand. You open your lunchbox at breaktime, only to see a live frog leaping out. Close by, you see the mean prankster laughing.  And then one day you find inside your school bag a love letter. It’s written in the same kid’s handwriting. Ntoni!?


Hate disguised as friendship


When love is involved, best friends can become hateful. When love is at stake, hate can flourish between best mates.


After Thato rigged Miss Corner House, he began to push up on Mpho, the winner of the pageant, even though Vuyiswa advised against it. His aunt feared that the public would be outraged if it later seemed that Thato had used his position to sleep with Mpho. But Thato must have dismissed Vuyiswa’s advice as jealousy, or woman on woman hate.


Despite Thato’s best efforts to woo her, Mpho was keen on Schumacher. And when Schumacher didn’t act, but she did. She kissed Schumie, only for him to begin avoiding her. As Schumacher played hide and seek, Thato saw an opportunity. To put her off Schumacher, he told Mpho that her crush was gay. Which is only 50% true because Schumacher is bisexual.


Believing that her pursuit of Schumacher was pointless, Mpho decided to give Thato a chance. Big sister Thando played some part in changing Mpho’s mind on Thato.


Too much too soon


On their very first date, Schumacher dropped a nuclear bomb of Hiroshimaesque proportions on Mpho. He suggested a weekend getaway. Waspeeder Thato! Although Mpho seemed nervous about this, she accepted the proposal. Thato assured her there would be no funny business, separate sleeping places, he said.

But the truth is like passing gas in a crowded taxi. Someone is bound to smell it. Mpho reached out to Schumacher with the intention of clearing the smelly air, you know, about the kiss and his sexuality. And that’s when Schumacher realized what Thato had done. Such hate from a friend, it hurts!

Just when Thato thought he had won the girl, he lost — twice. Firstly, Schumacher confronted him and gave him a tongue lashing. And soon after, Mpho, who had found out the real truth about Schumacher’s sexuality, cancelled the weekend trip. If you put out hate into the universe, it comes flying right back to you like a boomerang. Woop, woop, woop, woop!

When love is disguised as hate


After Harriet ordered a bomb attack on Hector Sebata’s cocaine storage facilities, the corrupt cop at first feigned an attempt at a ceasefire. But immediately after that, he attacked theKhozas in their own home. With Harriet and Noma held at gunpoint, upstairs in the Khoza mansion, Kagiso disarmed Thando, who had been holding the rest of the family hostage downstairs. As Brutus urged Sgaqagaqa to shoot her, Harriet and Hector arrived just in time to announce that they had reached a truce. The Khozas have a Colombia drug connect and Hector would keep the police away from their operation. Both families would share the drug business fifty-fifty.


To celebrate their return to the illicit trade, Harriet threw a party where Thando and Shaka had a spat. Thando wasted a good glass of booze on Shaka’s face – splash! – proving that sometimes love is disguised as hate.


Although their spoken intention is to work together, their undeclared motive is to kill each other somewhere down the line. The foundation of the treaty between the Sebata’s and Khozas looks to have been built on shifting sands.


Love letter in Noma’s school bag


After appointing Noma as distribution manager for Khoza Trucking, Harriet bought her friend a new car. Brutus of course was very sore about this. He still hasn’t forgiven Noma for the R10 000 000 that she stole from the Khoza family. And just like a sulking schoolboy, he slashed all of Noma’s tyres. After being severely reprimanded by Harriet, Brutus had a verbal exchange with Noma. Neither of them held back. Noma said Brutus had been chasing Harriet after her husband died, but he settled for her money instead when she proved to be out of his reach. Brutus gave as much as he got. He should have kept his emotions in check. Because he blurted out the truth. What he has displayed as hate was, in reality, love. Intoni! Noma, who usually has a quick reply, was silenced by shock.

Can love work where two people are polar opposites?

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