We just had a chat with Lunga

FATV: Who are you?

Lunga: My name is Lunga Kupiso, raised in a small village of Colosa outside the town of Idutywa in the eastern cape. I am the oldest son of four kids at home with the last born being my little sister so I guess you can call me Batman, that’s my alter ego when I’m not being a full-time student & media enthusiast

FATV: When did your journey begin?

Lunga: My journey began right after completing my matric in 2008, it was around then that I realized that I had it within me to become somebody greater than what everybody around said I could ever be and I wanted to always be an inspiration to other kids who grew and grow in similar environments as I did, I wanted to be a real life example that they too can become greater than their history tells them they can be. So back then at that moment I started pursuing the African dream in media.

FATV: What motivates you daily?

Lunga: On a daily basis I am thankful for the opportunity I have to live and I always remind myself of how far I have come just so I can see how blessed and lucky I have been in everything that I do, and I use this as motivation to continue chasing the BIG dream. The pursuit of success to be a living testimony to those
with no hope is what motivates me to get up daily even on those days where I simply cannot get up.

FATV: Who is your inspiration?

Lunga: My mother inspires me a great deal, she had to work so hard as a single mother to provide for me and my little brother (back then) and still fund her educational ambitions (medical school isn’t cheap) but against all odds she made it all happen and everyday I work on becoming someone that she can feel proud off and most importantly so that she can see that all she did, was for a truly deserving champion 🙂

FATV: When and where is your next performance?

Lunga: My next performance is a DJ’ing gig at Stones Melville on Wednseday 14th Oct and maybe LiquidChefs (Rosebank) on Friday night otherwise as always DSTV Channel 319 every Friday night from 19:00 – 19:30 with Raptor & on Sunday catch me on Trans Africa Radio between 20:00-23:00 on DSTV Audio Channel 872/TARadio.mobi and every other day invading your commercials haha

FATV: What projects you are currently working on? Which project is going to release first in the coming days?

Lunga: Shooo, because of contractual privacy agreements unfortunately I am not at liberty to say but I am working hard behind the scenes to make sure that whatever project comes out, everyone is entertained.

FATV: How can people engage/interact with you (social media platforms)?

Lunga: I am on almost every social media platform, tweet me @LungaKupiso or connect with me using my Facebook page, facebook.com/lungakupiso, I am also
on Instagram @SirLungsta and for a playlist of most of my projects – keep up-to-date on my Youtube channel www.youtube.com/lungakupiso otherwise lets chat when we bump into each other all around the country…


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