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Meet Dumisani Mbebe ’s American twin

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It is often said that everyone has a look-alike somewhere in the world, Dumisani Mbebe, who currently plays Terror, the villain of Mzansi Magic’s Mzali Wam has found his identical twin in America. Mbebe recently tweeted images which drew attention to his uncanny resemblance to celebrated African American actor, Samuel L Jackson. You would be forgiven if you are wondering whether it is possible that the two actors are indeed twins, but they are almost three decades apart in age.

Jackson has visited South Africa before. When asked if he had had the pleasure of meeting the multiple award winning actor, Mbebe said;

“I didn’t only meet him, but we worked together on the movie In My Country.”

Would Dumisani Mbebe play Samuel Jackson?

Being the almost identical twin of Jackson, Dumisani Mbebe – with a little work on perfecting his American accent – might be the obvious choice to play lead character in the Pulp Fiction star’s autobiographical movie.

“I’d cherish an opportunity to work alongside him again in an action/thriller: protagonist versus antagonist.”

Mbebe further said he would not think twice about the opportunity to submit his name for consideration in Samuel L Jackson’s biopic.

Moving to America

Born and raised in the small town of Nqamakwe in the Eastern Cape, Mbebe grew up watching old Western movies on a public television set at a local store. It was then that he knew he wanted to be an actor.

Dumisani Mbebe is not new to rubbing shoulders with Hollywood’s elite actors. Apart from working alongside Jackson on the film In My Country, he featured on the iconic medical drama ER and played the villain in the Hollywood Pictures thriller, Primeval, an edge of the seat film about Gustav, a man eating crocodile. Speaking to Quick Read Magazine, the veteran actor revealed how he had benefited from his Primeval role and also explained why he did not opt to move to the more lucrative Hollywood film industry when the opportunity presented itself.

“Shooting Primeval was great and gave my brand mileage most local actors can only dream of, but to dream of relocating to American would have been premature. Right now, I’m at my prime and would definitely jump at the opportunity (to move to the States).”

Despite his impressive CV, Dumisani Mbebe remains grounded. For him, acting is not just about money but ensuring the survival of the local film industry. The opinionated veteran performer of over 20 years also mentors and develops young, aspiring actors through his non profit organisation Ingomso Film Skills and Youth Development. Ingomso, is IsiXhosa for tomorrow, a name which echoes his ambition to leave a legacy and create future actors.

Mbebe’s is best known for playing the abusive Dumisani Shabane on Generations which is ironic because the Nqamakwe native is far from a villain in real life. His current television role as Terror on Umzali Wam highlights a global problem, human trafficking, a topic which is close to his heart.

You can catch the former Generations, Shooting Stars, Inkaba and Housekeepers actor on the ongoing Mzansi Magic show Mzali Wam.

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