Yohlee the Hustler

Meet YohLee The Hustler

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Meet a new kid on the block. Yohlee Blanko is a female singer who goes by the name of YohLee. She’s been in the music industry for some time now. Get to know her by reading the below interview answers.

Who are you?

My names are Yohlee Blanko LaFemalBouc better knows as YohLee.

When did your journey begin?

I started doing professional music 4 years ago, but I’ve always loved singing when I was young.

What motivates you daily?

My hustle motivates me .The thought of talking to my fans indirectly, but directly through my music is what drives me. Also the fact that I make my son proud.

Who is your inspiration?

My mom is my inspiration. because she taught me that nothing is impossible if you are a dreamer and dreams come true only if you believe.

Where did you perform recently?

My last performance was on the 25th of July at Sports Center in Sebokeng.

What projects you are currently working on?

I’m currently working on my EP and mix tape. My EP will drop before the end of this year and my mix tape will drop next year December.

Connect with Her:

Facebook: YohLee
Instagram: @Yohlee_Blanko
Twitter: @femalbouc
YouTube: YohLee Blanko

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