Seneziwe Sanelly Moonchild Sanelly naked club

Moonchild Sanelly wants to open Naked Club

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Local artist Seneziwe Sanelly, better known as Moonchild Sanelly, has revealed that she will be opening a Naked Club on her birthday on November 20, where she will be performing naked.

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The 29-year-old singer also said that people coming to the party will be required to be naked too. No journalists, media, phones or cameras will be allowed in the venue to protect people’s privacy.

Although Moonchild insists that the club won’t be a brothel, she told Isolezwe that: “People going to it will be friendly…people. It will also sell sexually explicit material and engage in sexual orientation.”

She further told the publication that she got the idea for a naked club while she was overseas and thought South Africa would appreciate it.

According to the Citizen, the musician also stated that she will also use opening night to show people the difference between her sex club and a prostitution den.

“I want people to be proud of having sex, and stop being afraid of it. There will be a room where they can go and have sex in private but there will be no problem if they want to do it with everyone watching.

“You can come with your partner or find one at the club. No one will be allowed to touch or kiss someone without their permission. Those who break the rules will be forcefully escorted out of the venue.”

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