Most Popular December Global Holidays And Their Symbolism

20 Most Popular December Global Holidays And Their Symbolism

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December Global Holidays, at Quick Read Magazine, we’ve decided to give you a list of all December Global Holidays 2022, December Global Festivities and their symbolism. These 20 most popular December Holidays and their symbolism are celebrated around the world. All over the world, December is marked as unique month filled with various activities and festivals, including religious, cultural, and even corporate events. In December, people catch up with family and friends as they prepare to welcome the new year.

December Global Holidays include Hannukah, World AIDS Day, Santa Lucia and many more. There are many December Global Holidays in the upcoming days for 2022. So let’s have a look at some of the most popular December Global Holidays.

Here Are the Most Popular December Global Holidays for 2022

1. Hanukkah

  • Date of Celebration: November 28 – December 6
  • Category: Religious
  • Why is Hanukkah Celebrated: Celebrating the re-devotion of the Second Temple in Jerusalem.
  • Where is Hanukkah Celebrated: Israel and different Jewish people groups all throughout the planet.

2. World AIDS Day

  • Date of Celebration: December 1
  • Category: Health
  • Why is World AIDS Day Celebrated: To bring issues to light on the scourge of HIV/AIDS
  • Where is World AIDS Day Celebrated: Worldwide

3. Krampusnacht

  • Date of Celebration: December 5
  • Category: Religious
  • Why is Krampusnacht Celebrated: On Krampusnacht, December 5th, men dressed as Krampus drink a bunch of alcohol, run through the streets, and frighten children.
  • Where is Krampusnacht Celebrated: Austria

4. Saint Nicholas Day

  • Date of Celebration: December 6
  • Category: Religious
  • Why is Saint Nicholas Day Celebrated: It is the feast day of Saint Nicholas of Myra
  • Where is Saint Nicholas Day Celebrated: Worldwide

5. Bodhi Day

  • Date of Celebration: December 8
  • Category: Religious
  • Why is Bodhi Day Celebrated: Celebrate Buddha’s birth, enlightenment, and death all in one day
  • Where is Bodhi Day Celebrated: Japan

6. Santa Lucia

  • Date of Celebration: December 13
  • Category: Religious
  • Why is Santa Lucia Celebrated: To honor Lucia of Syracuse.
  • Where is Santa Lucia Celebrated: Scandinavia and in Italy

7. Las Posadas

  • Date of Celebration: December 16 – December 24
  • Category: Religious
  • Why is Las Posadas Celebrated: To Give Tribute to the Norse god Odin.
  • Where is Las Posadas Celebrated: Throughout Mexico and Guatemala

8. Yule

  • Date of Celebration: December 21 – January 1
  • Category: Pagan
  • Why is Yule Celebrated: To honor the Norse god Odin
  • Where is Yule Celebrated: Germany and different German people group throughout the planet

9. Festivus

  • Date of Celebration: December 23
  • Category: Parody
  • Why is Festivus Celebrated: To advocate against Christmas commercialization
  • Where is Festivus Celebrated: Worldwide, especially in the United States

10. Christmas

  • Date of Celebration: December 25
  • Category: Religious
  • Why is Christmas Celebrated: To celebrate the introduction of Jesus Christ
  • Where is Christmas Celebrated: Worldwide

11. Boxing Day

  • Date of Celebration: December 26
  • Category: General
  • Why is Boxing Day Celebrated: Symbolism differs
  • Where is Boxing Day Celebrated: Worldwide

12. Kwanzaa

  • Date of Celebration: December 26 – January 1
  • Category: Cultural
  • Why is Kwanzaa Celebrated: To safeguard certain African qualities
  • Where is Kwanzaa Celebrated: Worldwide, especially in the United States

13. New Year’s Eve

  • Date Celebration: December 31
  • Category: General
  • Why is New Year’s Eve Celebrated: To check the year’s end
  • Where is New Year’s Eve Celebrated: Worldwide

More Global December Holidays

Here are more unique holidays celebrated each December.

  • December 1 – United Arab Emirates (National Day)
  • December 4 – Ghana (Farmer’s Day)
  • December 6 – Finland (Independence Day), Spain (Constitution Day)
  • December 7 – Thailand (King Bhumibol’s Birthday)
  • December 10 – Thailand (Constitution Day)
  • December 12 – Mexico (The Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe)
  • December 13 – Malta (Republic day)
  • December 16 – Bangladesh (Victory Day), South Africa (Day of Reconciliation)
  • December 18 – Qatar (National Day)
  • December 26 – Various Countries (Boxing Day), Slovenia (Independence and Unity Day)
  • December 29 – Sri Lanka (Unduvap Full Moon Poya)
  • December 30 – Philippines (Rizal Day)
  • December 31 – Various Countries (New Year’s Eve)

The Bottom Line

December is definitely the most celebratory month of the year. December is accompanied by a festive mood and happiness. Many countries and religions have several important events that are celebrated in December. It’s important for South Africans to know about the December Global Holidays. So there’s a wide selection of December Global Holidays to help you with ending up the year in style.

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