New Action Drama on The Alliance

The Alliance: a local thriller to hit your screens brings more authentic local entertainment to South Africans with the launch of a brand new action drama series. The Alliance premieres on Wednesday, 27 April 2016 at 9:30PM.

The Alliance is a fast-paced drama series consisting of eight episodes. It depicts the life of a popular kingpin, Bra Jay also known as the Reserve Bank Governor of Soweto. Bra Jay has a thirst for power and rules those around him with an iron fist. The action drama puts issues such as organised crime, blood diamond, drug cartels, money laundering and the damning consequences on the spotlight.

“We are delighted to add another local action drama to our schedule. Viewers who enjoyed our action dramas, Z’bondiwe and Heist, now have another fascinating drama to add on their list of favourites,” said Marlon Davids, Acting MD, Channels
The action drama will feature some of South Africa’s best small and big screen actors. Taking on the role of Bra Jay is Sifiso Simamane. Sifiso is known in the film industry for his creative scriptwriting and directing skills. He produced his first play Inkosi uMpande Kasenzangakhona (“King Mpande, son of Senzangakhona”) which will show at the Stable Theatre this year. Keneilwe Mtidze, previously on Gold Diggers as Nandipha portrays the role of Evelyn, Bra Jay’s loving wife with a score to settle.

Comedian, Denzel Edgar plays Tsetse who is part of the Alliance. 2014 SAFTA nominee Cebile Mlaba takes on the role of Sis Dee. Adding flair to the stellar cast is the legendary South African movie star Owen Sejake who plays Ofentse.

The thrilling series, is a co-production between Thata Isithombe Productions, Ochre Media and ANTS Multi-media

“We are excited about the new production because it adds a fresh new twist to the dramas that are currently on television screens. Most of our dramas are uniquely South African and The Alliance has a different appeal. Viewers can expect an ambitious drama with an international scope such as that of bringing the elements of the Hawks and the Russians into the story”, said Uzanenkosi Mahlangu, Executive Producer at ANTS Multi-media.

The big question is; can a man with more enemies than friends save his sinking ship?

Meet the cast of The Alliance

JASON “BRA JAY” NKABINDE (Sifiso Simamane)
Streetwise, strong, stubborn and always the suspect, Bra Jay arouses aversion and excites affection amongst his family, business partners and community. He has unlimited access to the law and the rewards of his intelligent money laundering channels. Bra Jay is the Reserve Bank Governor of Soweto (he literally signs the money).

EVELYN BALOYI (Keneilwe Matidze)
She is Bra Jay’s second wife and stepmother to Nandi. She oozes nubile beauty and is evidently curvaceous. Born and bred in Soweto, she is a kasi woman of note. A child of shebeen owners who were tragically gunned down in the early 1990’s. A witness to the murder of her family, she is driven to revenge.

NANDI NKABINDE (Gugulethu Zulu)
Nandi is a beautiful young lady whose upbringing afforded her access to resources that most of her peers in Soweto could only dream of. From early on in her life, Nandi knew she had to uphold the highest moral standards through merely having a popular and respected (feared) man such as Bra Jay as her father. The boys that had been brave enough to approach Nandi with their virile pleadings have been rejected because Nandi swore to keep her most prized possession – her virginity- to honour her Zulu culture and make her father proud when she turned 21 and had her umemulo.

FRANK, (Denzel Edgar)
“Tsetse” as he is widely known, is street smart. He wears well-tailored suits, and accessorises himself in expensive Swiss watches and Lizard skin slip- ons that accentuate his well-manicured hands. He seeks autonomy in his businesses outside of Bra Jay. Currently, Bra Jay serves as a great ally for him to clean his millions but has hidden resentment towards him because he doesn’t treat Tsetse as the equal that he imagines himself to be. Tsetse’s ambition to expand his business and surpass Bra Jay, finds him making alliances with unlikely people.

SIS DEE (Cebile Mlaba)
Dimpho Mokoena is a hard-up gangster who took on the reins of her husband Ofentse’s illegitimate drug and arms business. She acted as his “proxy” when he was jailed for a botched up armed bank robbery in the early 90’s. She sleeps with a 9mm under her pillow. Dimpho grew up a pretty girl and was wanted by most of the boys in the hood. But when she started dating only gangsters, many on the straight path strayed from her. She has dated four big gangsters and her husband is the one she settled with. Having experienced the underground world for a long time, Dimpho’s demeanour has changed and she has grown to become a woman well-versed in brutal intimidation.

Morally bankrupt, Riian Malaan is a detective with the Directorate of Priority Crime investigation (DPCI) and will only uphold the law to protect himself and those who butter his bread. At fifty eight Riaan is divorced with two teenage daughters and dreads resentment days. He craves the affection of a loving woman and wants to feel needed. He fills up the empty spaces by over indulging in alcohol and hopes to hit the big jackpot by gambling. His command falls under Soweto North, second in command in his department.

Aka “The Russian”, Born in St. Pietersburg. Slight in build, with greying hair slicked back with hair gel, an off–season tan one only gets in the South of France. Somber and sadistic in nature. Single, with no off springs. A Luminary, he sees the bigger picture. The son of a former Soviet Navy Lieutenant. Rebellious as a teenager, with a penchant for gambling.

Catch The Alliance from Wednesday, 27 April at 9:30PM and see the drama unfolds. The Alliance is also available in HD on eHD channel 104 on OpenView HD as well as channel 194 on DStv.

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