New Show On etv – The Kingdom: uKhakhayi

Witness a ruthless battle for the crown in the brand-new rural drama The Kingdom: uKhakhayi. Premieres on Tuesday, 5 April at 9:05PM.

After the death of the AmaBhaca tribe’s leader, Chief Zwelakhe, the kingdom is led by paramount Chief Jezembovu. A cold-blooded leader, Jezembovu feels that he had been denied the throne in the past and now seeks revenge. He wants to have the crown passed on to his son so that he can become the power behind the throne.

A malicious man, Jezembovu works on eliminating the two rightful heirs, the sons of his older brother. But, just as the throne is within his grasp, his plans are foiled when a long-lost family member returns.

“The show is a riveting tale about vengeance and the price one ultimately pays for blind ambition. Viewers can expect powerful and intriguing storylines in the fierce battle of the throne.” says head writer Loyiso Maqoma

Don’t miss the premiere of the new rural drama, The Kingdom: uKhakhayi, on Tuesday 5 April at 9:05PM.

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