Pabi Moloi shares her views about being a mom

TV personality Pabi Moloi has shared an honest post on Instagram about being a mom.

“I LOVE #MomLife 👼🏾 Ready for total truth? Post natural birth I STILL cannot sit properly. I STILL have hip pain daily. My body may never be the same again AND 👏🏾ITS👏🏾 ALL 👏🏾WORTH👏🏾 IT! Yesterday I had a conversation with a fellow #newmom and we both agreed that we now live a new normal, “she said.

Pabi added that as women they will physically never be the same again and that is absolutely fine. “WE MADE HUMANS!!! ❤️💙❤️💙 I’m excited every day to learn the new. I am new. Here’s to loving every stage of our human development. To mom’s having a tough time- you’ve got this, you’re more powerful and capable than you think,” – she added.

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