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Pet Insurance Comparison in South Africa

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When adopting a pet, one must be aware that veterinary expenses can be very high. However, there are ways to reduce costs, such as having a pet insurance. If you have a cat, a dog or even a rodent, know that it is possible to insure it! You will then be compensated for all or part of the veterinary expenses.

Insurance companies often provide animals within a certain age limit. Beyond 8 years, it can be difficult to find an insurance cover that agrees to cover the expenses of your pet. There are contracts that are specific depending on the breed of your pet. Some of them cover you for hospitalization, prevention and purchase of therapeutic feed. By using our pet insurance comparator, you will be able to view existing offers and select the best policy for your pet.

As with humans, the care that pets need is often unpredictable: illness, injury, and many more. Animals that often go outdoors are particularly vulnerable to unfortunate accidents during a walk. Vaccines and regular care are important to the well-being and health of all your animals. We all want to protect our animals, but we know that care often involves very high expenses and it can be interesting to take out an insurance policy.

Animals that can be insured are: cats, dogs and new pets such as rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, chinchillas and parrots. The amounts can be calculated according to the species or the age of the animal. Be aware, however, that hunting or dangerous dogs are subject to specific contracts. Most insurance policies cover all or part of the veterinary expenses such as hospitalization, examinations and operations. The expenses related to the death of your pet such as euthanasia and burial expenses can also be covered depending on the warranty to which you wish to purchase.

Our online insurance company provides you with a pet insurance comparator. Simply complete the form concerning the characteristics and protections you want for your pet and the right insurer will contact you to discuss more information.

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