“Podcast Party” launches ahead the 2024 General Election

After three decades of democracy in South Africa we stand at a crossroads…political divisions, corruption, unemployment, crumbling infrastructure. Is it time for a political remix?

One on One Productions (Pty) Ltd, who pioneered podcasting with the launch of CliffCentral.com a decade ago, is proud to announce their newest active citizenship innovation – the “Podcast Party” – a non-political party leveraging the power of content with the aim of addressing voter apathy and empowering South Africans with the knowledge they need ahead of the pivotal 2024 election.

“We have the opportunity to reach South Africans where they’re engaging – online!” says Jack Motlanthe, Podcast Party Programme Manager. “So many people don’t seem to know who to vote for anymore. Podcast Party is poised to become the go-to destination for those seeking informed and engaging dialogue not only for democracy but life in general”.

The immediate aim of Podcast Party is to engage, inspire and shape a future where the power of dialogue transforms into positive change. Four flagship shows are already well underway – “Democracy 101”, “VVIP: Voter Voices in Politics”, “Manifesto Unpacked” and “Democracy Unplugged.”

The premiere episode of “Democracy Unplugged”, a panel discussion with a studio audience, marks the official launch of the Podcast Party. These shows will feature thought leaders, activists and influencers to untangle the threads of democratic principles, dissect current challenges and envision what our future could look like. The inaugural panel features three prominent social commentators and podcasters: Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh; Penuel the Black Pen and Mighti Jamie. Future shows will include both local and international panellists.

“Democracy 101” offers an immersive dive into the principles and complexities of democracy and is co-hosted by Gareth Cliff and Jack Motlanthe“. ”VVIP” and “Manifesto Unpacked” are the youth initiatives led by Bafana Modise – exploring party manifestos with party youth leaders in studio as well as on the road, engaging with young people so that their voices may be heard.

Through engaging discussions, expert opinions and on-the-ground activations, Podcast Party intends to offers a kaleidoscope of content on all online platforms to equip individuals from all walks of life with knowledge to make more informed decisions.

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