Priddy Ugly & Bontle's engagement

Priddy Ugly & Bontle’s engagement was a traditional affair

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Priddy Ugly & Bontle’s wedding update – after sending the internet spinning with their engagement announcement, rapper Priddy Ugly and choreographer Bontle Modiselle have traditionally cemented their engagement.

Speaking to Zkhiphani the two confirmed their engagement and their plans to have an intimate wedding.

“Yeah, we don’t have any pressure on the wedding. It’s going to be very intimate. We are taking our time, there’s no date as yet,” they said.

The pair have known each other for over a decade and have been dating since 2009.

They shared snaps in traditional regalia and new stable mate to Priddy Ugly‚ Miss Pru‚ congratulated the pair on their traditional affair.

See the photos below:

Watch Priddy Ugly & Bontle in Zkhiphani’s video below:



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