Queen Ramotsehoa

Queen Ramotsehoa, launches new book ‘Leadership Anchored in Consciousness IS a Big Deal’

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Leadership Author, Executive Coach and TEDx Speaker, Queen Ramotsehoa, launches her highly anticipated new book ‘Leadership Anchored in Consciousness IS a Big Deal’. A disruptor for any leader who is bold enough for “impossible leadership results”, this gamechanger book is for anyone who dares to go for greatness to build great organisations with great people.

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“This book is a clarion call to lead fellow human beings,” shares Queen Ramotsehoa, founder of Tsheto Leadership and Coaching Academy.

‘Leadership Anchored in Consciousness IS a Big Deal’ is a bold and courageous invitation to leaders to let go of old management trappings and take a leap of faith in fellow human beings. It also enables a leader to know how to find the right piece of the jigsaw puzzle called leadership, at the right time, with the right person, for the best results and the best impact, whilst also reaffirming a powerful truth about leadership – that leadership IS a management tool.

With an illustrious career starting out as a teacher and then going on to have her team at Maskew Miller Longman pioneer outcome based education (OBE) schoolbooks under her leadership (deemed one of her proudest professional moments), Queen Ramotsehoa, is one of SA’s most sought after executive coaches.

She reflects: “Moving from “teaching” to “coaching” marks a significant milestone in the progression of Tsheto, as the art of coaching lies in the art of assisting discovery. In looking from the outside in, to objectively helping others see what they need to see to succeed. And in empowering to unleash their own power to conceptualise their own solutions to challenges.”

‘Leadership Anchored in Consciousness IS a Big Deal’ is now available for purchase at R250 excluding delivery fee. To order contact [email protected]

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