Rapper Lolo Vandal opens his own record label African Elephant

ZuxoleNgetu whose stage name is Lolo Vandal, was born and raised in King Williams Town a small town in the Eastern Cape. He fell in love with music at a young age, and at age 13 he started writing his own songs.  In 2007 Lolo Vandal formed a hip hop group called ‘Black Weapons’ with XolelaPongoma, whose stage name is ‘Posta’. They released their first album ‘Iponti’ which was well received by the people of the Eastern Cape.

Lolo Vandal’s love for music kept him moving, after entertaining different crowds with Posta in 2010 he had to continue doing music as a solo artist because his group mate was venturing into modelling. Lolo Vandal worked hard in building his name, in 2012/2013 he produced and presented a hip hop show “Break the Dust” at Forte fm which aired on Fridays and Saturdays.

Lolo Vandal’s hustle will amaze you:in 2013 he entered a competition run by Ms Cosmo DJ on ‘The Stir Up’ where he bullied rappers from 7 provinces in South Africa with a fresh 16 bars every week. After 7 weeks he was crowned ‘The Ultimate King of Rap Factor’. He then recorded a song with PH at Raw X studios, a song that featured on the Back to the City compilation cd.

He featured on Hype magazine 5 times in a row, appeared on national TV several times and made waves on a number of national radio stations. This young man is a hard working individual: after releasing a studio album ‘Siyacela’ at Galela Studios, Lolo Vandal worked with HDi Youth Marketers together with Unisa in promoting the study of multilingualism in South Africa through his music.

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He has achieved a lot, and he is now taking things to the next Level by opening his own media hub called ‘African Elephant’. After releasing his Ep titled ‘Bonus’, he announced that he had started his own record label, also called African Elephant. Lolo Vandal believes that with his experience and strength, he is ready to be his own boss and run his own business.

He says, “African Elephant is a media hub that will develop artists. We plan to provide skills and produce content that will change the world. We plan to collaborate with bigger companies and provide major broadcasters with fresh content.”

“I love music with all my heart, andI will continue doing great things.”

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