Rebecca Malope shares how she was banned from visiting Lundi at the hospital

According to reports, gospel musician Rebecca Malope was never given the chance to see Lundi in his last days in hospital.

Rebecca is still heartbroken at the fact that she was stopped from visiting the late Lundi Tyamara whilst he was in hospital.

In an interview with Drum Magazine Rebecca Malope shares how she was prevented from seeing Lundi Tyamra whom she considered as a son ever since they began working together back in the 90’s.

In the interview, Rebecca shared how she attempted to visit Lundi, who was admitted to the Edenvale Hospital countless times and how disappointed and hurt she was when she learned that her and a number of people were barred from visiting the sickly Lundi.

After hearing the news of Lundi’s illness Rebecca immediately tried to get in contact with the late Gospel singer.

Rebecca, unfortunately, could not reach Lundi via his phone, she was then advised by music producer, Sello Mbuyane to get in contact with a woman by the name of Thobeka.

” I phoned Thobeka and she told me Lundi had chest pains and was asleep. She said she’d get him to call me as soon as he woke up and to this day I am still waiting for her call.”

Rebecca further explained that she was later informed by some of Lundi’s friends that she  was no longer welcomed to visit him

“I was then told by some of Lundi’s close friends I was no longer welcome or allowed to visit him in the hospital and that they too were not allowed.”

According to reports, Lundi had longed for Rebecca to visit him.

Drum Magazine further reported that Thobeka had explained to the publication that the reason why many people were banned from visiting Lundi was because the doctors felt that Lundi had too many friends and because of his dwindling health he needed only to be with family.

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