Red Bull 3Style World DJ Championships, a global competition for performance DJs returns to South Africa on Friday, 08 December. The competition, which showcases the art of DJing and entertaining audiences, will hold national finals in Johannesburg at Republic of 94 at 18:00.

The first global final of Red Bull 3Style World Champs was held in Paris in 2010. It has since served as a great global platform for performance DJs to entertain music fans and impress legendary judges with the hopes of becoming the World Champ. Six pre-selected finalists will battle it out on the 8th of December. Each DJ gets 15 minutes and must play at least 3 different genres of music in order to be crowned the champion and represent South Africa in Krakow, Poland early next year. 

The SA final will boast participants from three major South African cities. Ameeth Shah and DJ Eighty6 both hail from Durban. DJ J-Efx and DJ Tekneek from Cape Town and Ryan the DJ and DJ Shameless from Johannesburg. The DJs need to make sure their style is fresh, their music selection is next-level and have the kind of technical skills that leave the crowd in awe, as this is what determines the judging criteria, together with the crowd response.

The Red Bull 3Style South African champion, along with the other national winners from around the world, plus 3 global wildcards, will then make their way to Krakow, Poland for an all-expenses-paid trip to participate in the 2018 Red Bull 3Style World DJ Championships. 

National Finals have been taking place around the world since September. Several countries have already selected their top six regional finalists, including Italy, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Netherlands and France. 

The 2017 South African judging panel includes DJ Byte who won the World Champs in 2015 and DJ Karve from Paris who was the first ever World Champion in 2010. Representing South Africa on the panel we have Tha Cutt who one Red Bull 3Style South Africa in 2012 and the legendary Ready D, who has helped pave the way for turntablism and the art of DJing to South Africans since the late 80s.

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