Right Brain, Left Brain Theory and Mental Health

Right Brain, Left Brain Theory and Mental Health

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You have probably heard about being left brain or right brained. However, what does it mean and is it true? The idea is that parts of the brain can influence our personality in different ways. Also, check out BetterHelp to learn more about chunking psychology. They also have qualified therapists online that you can connect with from the comfort of your home.

The human brain is complex and forms everything about us. This means that it is true that it influences, and even creates, our personality. The brain is divided into halves called hemispheres. Each component or region controls different abilities and functions.

Both sides of the brain process information in different ways. However, they interact with each other and are connected by nerve fibers. The brain also continuously reorganizes itself because it is malleable and adaptable through change.

As more research is completed, scientists are finding out the functions that relate to the different regions and parts of the brain. This research also provides insight into left brain and right brain theory.

Left-Brain, Right-Brain

The theory of left-brained or right-brained people revolves around the idea that one side of the brain is dominant. Therefore, it influences your personality more than the other side of the brain. The theory was first proposed in the 1960s after research by Roger W. Sperry who was a psychologist and winner of the Nobel Prize.

The left brain is the verbal, analytical, and organized part of the brain. This hemisphere is sometimes called the digital brain. It is better at things like reading, writing, and completing calculations. The left brain was thought to be connected with mathematics, facts, and logic.

The right brain is the visual and intuitive hemisphere. Typically, this is thought of as the creative, yet less organized part of the brain. Sperry’s research connects the right brain to imagination and the arts.

Further Research

The premise of the theory has been challenged and research indicates that there is no proof that the theory holds true. One study used magnetic resonance imaging to show that there is not a dominant side of the brain. Instead, the two halves of the brain work together even though they do function differently.

It does not matter whether you are doing something logical or creative because both brains contribute to the completion of the task. Therefore, general preferences or personality traits are not due to being left-brain or right-brain dominant.

Completion of tasks is best when both sides of the brain work together. Regardless of whether we are working on mathematics, writing a story, or listening to music, both sides of the brain have to collaborate for proper functioning.

The idea of left and right brain is too simple considering the complexity of the human brain. However, each side of the brain does have a different function. The functions of each side are also slightly different between different people, but they work together for everyone as well.

How to Improve Cognition and Creativity

There are some simple things that you can do to help increase your cognitive function and creativity. In fact, these things may even reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Mental stimulation is important for mental health as well and a lack of stimulation may be connected to higher risk of developing depression.

Try to spend some time every day doing things that require mental ability. Instead of watching a television show (although some can be mentally challenging), try reading a book or writing a journal. You can also join a class or check out a nearby lecture or watch one online.

A lot of people like to complete puzzles every day like sudoku or crossword puzzles. Even card games and some video games may be beneficial.

Also, physical exercise is important for brain function and mental health. Try to exercise regularly and reach at least 120 minutes of exercise every week. This amount of exercise may be enough to improve your cognitive function and memory. You should also try to avoid unhealthy foods and choose nutritious options instead.

Your creativity may be boosted by trying new things. Try to begin a new hobby or listen to a podcast that offers a unique perspective. Keeping a journal of new ideas and perspectives may also improve your creativity.

We may not be either left-brained or right-brained, but it still does not hurt to try and improve the function in our logic or creative abilities. This can be beneficial for our cognition and wellbeing. However, if you feel like your one-sided thinking is getting in the way of your happiness, you may benefit from speaking with a therapist.

Image Courtesy: verywellmind.com

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