Russia Gosloto 6/45 Morning Results: Friday, 29 March 2024

Russia Gosloto 6/45 Morning Results: Friday, 29 March 2024 South Africa. The latest Russia Gosloto 6/45 morning results for today’s morning draw are out in South Africa. This follows the Gosloto Morning Draw held in Russia and results available in South Africa. Gosloto 6×45 are published every morning by Quick Read Magazine. Gosloto 6/45 is one of the most popular lotteries in South Africa and Russia. Read on to see the latest results for Gosloto 6/45 South Africa.

Russia Gosloto 6/45 Morning Results: Friday, 29 March 2024

Here are the latest Gosloto Morning Results published by Quick Read Magazine in South Africa. The winning numbers for today’s draw showed the below Russia 6×45 numbers. Here are Russia Gosloto Morning Results for Friday, 29 March 2024:

39, 44, 45, 17, 16, 41

What Are Russia Gosloto 6/45 Morning Results?

Russia Gosloto 6/45 Morning Results are the results of the Gosloto 6/45 lottery draw that takes place every morning in Russia. The lottery is drawn at 10:00 AM South African time.

How to Play Russia Gosloto 6/45 in South Africa?

If you want to play Russia Gosloto 6/45 in South Africa, you must choose at least six numbers from 1 to 45. If all six numbers you selected match the Gosloto winning numbers, you will receive the jackpot.

All players are required to buy tickets 20 minutes before the draw which takes place. So the cut-off time is at 10:40 in the mornings and 22:40 in the evenings MSK.

The Gosloto 6/45 draws take place at 11:00 and 23:00 Moscow Standard Time (MSK). In South Africa, the times for Gosloto are 10:00 and 22:00 PM.

How Much to Play Gosloto in South Africa?

You will be charged 100 rubles (equivalent to R23 in South Africa) per entry and the cost increases in proportion as you when you enter more combinations. If you are based in Russia, to play the game, you can visit lottery retailers, online or play via SMS.

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