Russia Gosloto 7/49 Results: Tuesday, 23 April 2024

The Russia Gosloto 7/49 Results for Tuesday, 23 April 2024, are now available. Today’s draw showcased remarkable winning numbers both in South Africa and Russia. You can find the Russia Gosloto 7/49 Results published daily here at Quick Read Magazine. Stay updated with the latest Gosloto Results for 7/49 in South Africa and Russia.

Russia Gosloto 7/49 Results: Tuesday, 23 April 2024

The Russia Gosloto 7/49 results for today’s draws are out below, with the most recent first. The Gosloto 7 49 draws on Tuesday, 23 April 2024 produced the following winning numbers:

21:30 – 20 06 26 01 48 29 33

18:00 – 43 38 41 17 11 26 01

14:30 – 40 17 33 47 05 32 06

12:30 – 34 11 04 12 29 35 03

09:30 – 11 19 33 41 39 30 29

As with all Russia Gosloto 7 49 draws, the jackpot heading into this latest draw, stood at the amount of руб 10 million.

Russia Gosloto 7/49 Jackpot Winner

The most recent jackpot winner in the Russia Gosloto 7/49 game was crowned on Sunday, 18 October 2020. This fortunate individual clinched a staggering sum of pуб 132 million, which translates to approximately R26 million in South Africa. It’s a significant win that undoubtedly left a lasting impact on the winner’s life.

How to play Russia Gosloto 7 49 in South Africa?

To participate in the Russia Gosloto 7/49 draw in South Africa, you’ll need to select 7 numbers from the range of 1 to 49. The lottery drawings occur twice daily, every day, at 10:30 and 22:30 Moscow time. Make sure to purchase your tickets at least 20 minutes before the scheduled start time of the upcoming drawing.

Russia Gosloto 7 49 Predictions for Today

You can explore Russia Gosloto 7/49 predictions for today on websites such as These predictions are formulated based on statistical analysis of past draw outcomes. Russia Gosloto 7/49 stands as one of the prominent draw games in Russia and South Africa, attracting a large number of players who eagerly anticipate the latest Gosloto Results 7/49.

However, it’s important to note that the predictions displayed on such websites do not assure winning a prize in any lottery draw. They are generated through statistical analysis of previous winning draws and serve as a tool to assist players in making informed decisions.

Results History for Russia Gosloto 7/49 South Africa

If you’re interested in the latest Russia Gosloto Results for South Africa regarding the 7/49 game, you can easily find historical results online. These records typically cover draws from the past 30 days, with the most recent Gosloto Results 7/49 displayed first. A simple internet search will provide you with access to this information.

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