Not winning The Hustle was a blessing – Shane Eagle

Rapper Shane Eagle has come a long way since he was eliminated in the top four of hit TV reality music competition The Hustle with his debut album recently reaching over a million streams across digital media platforms.

Shane Patrick Hughes, best known by his stage name Shane Eagle, is a South African rapper. He is best known for making as one of the top four contestants on South African television show Vuzu: The Hustle.

“The biggest blessing to ever happen to me was not winning The Hustle. I was grateful that I was able to participate in the show and get the exposure and in a way I feel like I kind of won the show in that regard. If I had won it I would have been tied to contracts and (record) labels while at this point I am all about being independent and showing kids that there is a way to make it without record labels‚” he said.

The rapper was determined to prove that he was more than just a rapper by scoring a presenting gig on V-Entertainment.

“It is all down to your consistency and work rate. I feel like if I had only done The Hustle‚ people would have remembered me for that. I was blessed to be part of V-Entertainment. I never saw myself as a TV person but the opportunity presented itself and we discussed how we could use it to push the music and my brand. One day when you get to the top‚ people won’t remember every step you took to get there‚ only that you are‚” he added.

Source: Sowetanlive

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