Skalled releases highly anticipated single titled Jaiva Lewena

Music sensation Skalled has released the much anticipated single Jaiva Lewena.

Listen to Skalled’s Jaiva Lewena single here:

Her debut single is Jaiva Lwena. It talks about dancing all night long. The song’s objective is to make people dance and forget about all their worries for that one moment and putting it all on the dance floor. Likewise, it focuses on the connection through body language and music between two people that than results in dance which is somewhat a form of communication.

Her debut single is, ‘Jaiva Lwena’ which is produced by Emblazon aka ProducedbyVAM who is famous for producing for Da Les – North God, Chianosky, Burnaby, Maggz & Khuli Chana. Skalled is a versatile artist as she finds great interest in attempting to sing different genres/styles. SKALLED’s music genres extend to House, Afro & Deep house, Gqom, Hip Hop, RnB, Pop and Gospel.

Make sure to request the new single Jaiva Lewena on your favorite radio station and follow Skalled on social media. Skalled is also set to perform at Amped Fest later this year, which is expected to have 15 000 people attending.

Connect with Skalled:

Instagram: @skalled
Facebook: Skalled Skalled
Twitter: @Skalled_J7
Snapchat: @skalled

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