Sonia Mbele speaks with Fresh Breakfast team

Former Generations actress Sonia Mbele has spoken again about what she went through in her divorce. During an interview with the Fresh Breakfast team on Metro FM this morning, Sonia said that going through her divorce from businessman Leslie Sedibe was one of the most painful experiences she’s gone through, however she wants to move forward.

Sonia Mbele said there’s so much that goes into marriage. You don’t just wake up and divorce.

“I just want to move away from this divorce thing. Nobody walks into a marriage with the intention of getting a divorce. You want to build and you want to make it work and when it doesn’t, it is the most traumatic thing one can go through. But you survive,” she said.

Sonia added that she didn’t divorce, she was divorced, “I was at the gym in our house and was told that someone was at the gate. When I went outside, I was greeted by a sheriff. I cried all day,” she said.

“The first person I told about my divorce was my mom” – Ms Mbele added.

The actress said people were so disappointed when she divorced but people need to find strength within themselves.

“Find your strength so that you can walk away. Remember a cage is a cage even if the vars are gold. Walk away and put your happiness first,” she said.

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