SRD.SASSA.GOV.ZA Balance Check

SRD.SASSA.GOV.ZA Status Check Balance Check Guide

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The SRD.SASSA.GOV.ZA status check balance check link is used to know exactly how much balance you have. Regarding the SRD R350 grant, your balance is automatically R350 before you withdraw it. In most cases, many R350 recipients withdraw the full amount. However, many South Africans still search for The SRD.SASSA.GOV.ZA status check balance check. That is why we’ve decided to compile this SRD.SASSA.GOV.ZA balance check guide for you.

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What is Social Relief of Distress?

Social Relief of Distress (SRD) is a temporary provision of assistance intended for persons in such dire material need that they are unable to meet their or their families’ most basic needs.

SRD.SASSA.GOV.ZA Status Check Balance Check

Your SRD.SASSA.GOV.ZA Balance is automatically R350 if you haven’t withdrawn it. If you receive other social grants such as Care Dependency Grant, Child Support Grant, Disability Grant, Foster Child Grant, Grant-In-Aid, Older Persons Grant or War Veterans Grant, you will be able to check your SASSA balance by going to an ATM to check your balance after inserting your SASSA card into the ATM.

SRD.SASSA.GOV.ZA Status Check Balance Check

About SRD SASSA Grant

The special Covid 19 Social Relief of Distress Grant (SRD) of R350 per month for 6 months is paid to individuals who are currently unemployed, do not receive any form of income, social grant or UIF payment.

This Social Relief of Distress Programme was confirmed in the Regulations made under Section 27(2) of the Disaster Management Act, 2002 (Act No. 57 of 2002): Measures to prevent and combat the spread of COVID-19, as amended.

Who Qualifies for SRD SASSA Grant?

  • You must be a South African Citizen, Permanent Resident or Refugee registered on the Home
    Affairs database and persons who are holders of special permits under the Special
    Angolan Dispensation, the Lesotho Exemption Permit dispensation and the Zimbabwe
    Exemption Permit Dispensation, and asylum seekers whose section 22 permits or visas
    are valid or were valid on 15 March 2020;
  • Currently residing within the borders of the Republic of South Africa;
  • Above the age of 18 and below the age of 60;
  • Unemployed;
  • Not receiving any social grant in respect of himself or herself;
  • Not receiving an unemployment insurance benefit and does not qualify to receive an
    unemployment insurance benefit;
  • Not receiving a stipend from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme and other
    financial aid;
  • Not receiving any other government COVID-19 response support;
  • Not a resident in a government funded or subsidized institution.

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