Getting to know Nokuthula Moilwa aka Pinky Mcpurpley

Nokuthula Moilwa aka Pinky Mcpurpley

Pinky Mcpurpley whose real name is Nokuthula Moilwa is a 23-year-old South African female hip-hop artist, entrepreneur and photographer from Johannesburg.

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Pinky Mcpurpley was the first ever female artist to make it to the Jagermeister and the only female finalist on the #GigiGoesGold competition brought by Mabala Noise.

Pinky, who was recently featured on the front page of local newspaper Daily Sun, YoTV and Shizlive, was featured on the recently released Tape by Hip Hop Live SA including an episode alongside Benchmarq, Shabzi Medallion, Jimmy Wizz and a number of hip-hop artists and has over 30 000 followers on Twitter.

She has always been involved in arts from the early age of 11 when she was in theatre arts in a group called M.U.K.A where they did drama, dance, poetry and choral music. She went on to play soccer at a senior level for WITS ladies football club.

In high school she was involved in debate, public speaking and was part of the student representatives at school.

Her career as a hip hop artist began in November 2015. Mcpurpley has gone to release 4 singles of which have been played on Vow FM, Stamparama FM in the UK, Hillbrow community radio, CosmoFM, Rawjamz online radio station, Belter radio (UK) Venrap radio station, Madibaz radio and Trultimate records in Zimbabwe and is currently in the top 10 chart in Zimbabwe.

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