How rape affected Vuyiswa [The Queen]

Can you reverse rape

Vuyiswa is a decorated cop, just last week she achieved the highest conviction rate having locked up criminals for rape, theft, and other major crimes. She is therefore familiar with rape protocol; swab for DNA under the victim’s fingernails and vaginal orifice, collect hair samples, refer victim to doctor for post exposure prophylactics. Despite several …

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Jerry watches as Vuyiswa raped [The Queen]

Vuyiswa raped

Vuyiswa is a fictional character, but often, if not always, life imitates art. South Africa’s gender based violence statistics are shocking, every three hours a woman is murdered. To put it into perspective, by the time your hairdresser has finished braiding your hair, in the time it takes your mechanic to change your oil, a …

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