How rape affected Vuyiswa [The Queen]

Vuyiswa is a decorated cop, just last week she achieved the highest conviction rate having locked up criminals for rape, theft, and other major crimes. She is therefore familiar with rape protocol; swab for DNA under the victim’s fingernails and vaginal orifice, collect hair samples, refer victim to doctor for post exposure prophylactics.

Despite several years of police experience with rape, Vuyiswa did none of this. How she chose to deal with rape was completely unexpected.

Brutus makes it official

After Brutus and Noma became a couple, Babomncane asked his new bae to keep things on the down low, as if their affair was a drug deal. Noma was keen to declare her love for Brutus from the top of Table Mountain. But Brutus preferred secrecy because he already has a wife and kids, lots of them. All over the country.

The Khozas who had been at loggerheads with Brutus over his rudeness towards Noma suddenly had a new problem; Brutus agreeing with Noma on everything and she, likewise, backing her man in every family discussion. This must have been very confusing. Imagine Helen Zille and Julius Malema getting along!

But a secret affair was not enough for Noma. She pushed and pushed for Brutus to post her on the family WhatsApp group. In a manner of speaking.
Finally, Brutus grew tired of being henpecked. He got up from his living room seat and put down his obligatory beer — which is as good as being amputated for the alcoholic uncle. After gesticulating a little more than usual Brutus blurted out that Noma was his girlfriend.
He walked out of the room, leaving the family to gather their fallen jaws from the floor. Only Shaka, who was privy to the adulterous chronicles of Uncle Brutus and Mamvelase took the news with a smile. He collected his winnings from Kagiso, the loser in a wager between the brothers.

Harriet has relationship drama

Harriet has been famously single since she killed her husband Mzi Khoza (real name Treasure Tshabalala) in the very first episode of The Queen. So she is the last person who should be dealing with relationship drama.
You know that saying that in Africa you don’t only marry your lover but their family too? Well, this even applies to umjolo. At least that is the case with Brutus and Noma. Harriet was constantly sucked into the volatile love affair between Noma and Brutus. When she tried to offer help, she got told to stop interfering. When she stood aside, both Noma and Brutus begged her to play the referee.

The worst of it was when Noma slaved away in the kitchen, preparing Brutus a special meal only for her man to get himself lost at the “bhusha,” which is the Khoza euphemism for strip club, slash brothel. He staggered home singing off-key and too drunk to even invent an explanation on his whereabouts. Brutus candidly told Noma that he had been feasting his eyes at the bhusha.
So much relationship drama for Harriet but not a single orgasm to show for it, shem.

How rape changed Vuyiswa

Anyone would have expected Vuyiswa, the decorated police lieutenant, to follow rape procedure. She did not gather evidence or report the matter to her superiors. All she did was lock herself in her room, not eating, not speaking to anyone. When she eventually came out, she was a completely changed person. It was a change for the worse.
She yelled at her workmates until commanding officer, Hector Sebata (real name Rapulana Seiphemo) reprimanded her. But as he tried to bring her back in line, Vuyiswa unclipped the badge and gun from her ample hip before dropping them onto Sebata’s desk.
“I quit!”

Vuyiswa destroys rape evidence

After quitting her job, Vuyiswa changed the door locks at home, installed security cameras and gave the tenants notice to vacate the premises. Furthermore, she threw out the mattress on which she was raped before burning the clothes she had during the commission of the crime.
Vuyiswa was determined to bury the traumatic experience. But Georgina wouldn’t let it go. She was determined to found out the reason for Vuyiswa’s strange behaviour. During a heated argument with Georgina, finally Vuyiswa admitted that she was raped.



The post rape scene really brought out the best of Vuyiswa (real name Zandile Msutwana). It wouldn’t surprise anyone if she bagged a SAFTA. Co actress Sibu Jili who plays Warrant Officer Georgina Zulu didn’t disappoint either. Her display of emotion was top drawer. This was a scene that needed a hug. But corona had other ideas. Due to social distancing rules on set, viewers had to be satisfied with Georgina and Vuyiswa crying with two metres of fresh air between them.
Now that Vuyiswa has admitted to being a victim of rape, I am curious to see her next move. If she decides to go after the rapist, she has certainly given him a head start by destroying the evidence.

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