Comedian Tats Nkonzo Talks

According to Zalebs, Comedian Tats Nkonzo gave his two cents worth on DJ Arch Jnr’s R500,000 grand prize.

By now we’ve all come to the realisation that three-year-old DJ Arch Jnr is kind of a big deal, especially after winning SA’s Got Talent with a cool R500,000 to go with it.

Sadly, since DJ Arch Jnr won, there’s been a few ‘adults’ who have been hating on the little guy. Really, people… you’re not impressed that a three-year-old won?

This week the Twitter world was up in arms as team DJ Arch Jnr went to war with people who felt that he should not have won the competition, because, well… what’s a three-year-old going to do with R500,000? Maybe save up for his education? Read more on Zalebs

Source: Zalebs

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